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Philosophy – “There is no alternative”

Universal mind is the very heart of our existence.  Our individual minds are but islands in the stream of consciousness, appearing separate in themselves to carry out the function of enabling us to engage with our perceived reality and reach our chosen destination. At no time are we actually separate from Universal mind we are merely distracted from it and we merely believe this separation to be so. We place our attention in our heads and the notion of an individual mind dominates our consciousness.  

This notion is reinforced by external factors such as the media, corporate rhetoric, religious dogma and social convention. Throughout our lives we are seduced into a veritable cave of wonders that distracts us so well.   With all its promise the mind is ultimately vague, unstable and unable to attend to the glory of our true reality.  Designed to polarise, reverence of our mind leaves us in perpetual strife, unwittingly trying to touch the whole that is out of reach of this fractured, temporal and tarnished mechanism – this false prophet.  

Mind - what lies beyond it.

The mind is a tool and nothing more, a tool to attempt to achieve the dream of balance, through horizontal choices, in the vain promise of release from our prison. So promising, yet our mind so often dis-appoints, so well. Balance achieved is only ever fleeting.  We only ever get a taste of what lies beyond it.  Though when achieved it does offer an increased sensitivity, a hint of what may lie beyond. So with the ability to achieve balance momentarily, coupled with a critical dissatisfaction of the minds ability, we turn again to choose to attend to a different ruler.  We can choose the heart.  We can leave the mind’s broken narrative behind.  Only then do we re frame our inner focus to perceive rightly and receive fully the knowledge of our pristine Self.   All of a sudden we can find ourselves in a different realm, the realm of Clarence.  

By choosing Clarence we can actually feel complete, certain, clear, calm and capable.  Only when we truly relax beyond balance are we open to this. Only then do we stop trying. Only when we choose to allow ourselves to be open to feel our heart do we return to the direct and stable resonance with Self, of Universal mind, of love.  Only then can we recognise who we really are and with certainty.  The game of your life has well and truly changed.   Through practice in Clarence  we swiftly move from trying to connect with self to simply allowing ourselves to experience it.  The storm of mind abates and the waters are calm.  We then can naturally accept our very inner nature, our birthright, our sovereignty.  Then in resonance, tempered with love, we start to expect whatever our heart silently speaks of.

Clarence - Clear and focused, beyond 'self' - The Heart.

Heart Enterprises

The Heart

Philosophy – “There is no alternative”

Each time we pick up and drink from the cup of Clarence, this chalice, do we notice how clear and precise the experience is, how stable and reliable it is and how completely connected we are able to choose to feel.  All we need do is to pay attention to it, to choose to turn towards it and in an instant we strip away the veil of ignorance and we find eternal life.  

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Unlike the phantom of mind, the heart, perceived through Clarence, is not fleeting but steadfast and true, it is never barren, but overflowing and refreshing.  It holds us securely and it is a true consolation in this world.  Our mind is then free to carry out its designed function to assist us on our journey, to listen to our silent inner roar, to declare it and share it and show it whenever and wherever the opportunity arises, at our heart’s behest. The stream flows and becomes a river and the river a soothing flood that channels through us, until all are bathed in its nurturing glow – our experience shows that “our cup does runneth over” in resonance with love, our true nature. By sharing one cup at a time all can again know it eternally - certainly! So…………………above all love to relax, there is no alternative.


Have respective for where we all are, philosphy and consciousness.